Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator Review

A few percolators in the marketplace now bridge the gap between the stovetop and the campfire in terms of style and function. The Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator is one of them. How is it made up? For the listed price, one might think the Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator is made of aluminium or a cheaper alloy. Thankfully it’s not since aluminium causes all sorts of health risks, including Alzheimer's. At least Coleman got that right when they used heavy grade steel as the primary read more..

Texsport Enamel 12 Cup Percolator Review

As I've said before, there’s nothing like leaving the city for two free weeks of camping, only to realize once you've set up the tent that you forgot the coffee pot. Especially when three other couples are involved and they all know you agreed to bring it. So when this happened to us last summer, the wife and I made the mutual decision to fund the group’s coffee habit by driving ten miles each morning into the city limits for Starbuck’s. That was, of course, until a brilliant read more..

How to Use a Coffee Percolator for Camping

If you’re like me a strong cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute necessity. When you go camping, there is no reason for you to let go of your coffee. Learning how to use a coffee percolator for camping is not an insurmountable task. The first thing you need to do is have a suitable percolator coffee pot for an open fire. These are available in different capacities determined by the number of cups one can hold. Consequently, it is up to you to decide the adequate size depending read more..