Stansport Black Granite 12 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot Review

I think the Stansport Black Granite 12 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot is a great mid-range percolator for the budding or experienced outdoorsman. To let you know why I think this is the case I will have to relate to you a little of my personal experience.

A few years ago I started yearning to relive my boyhood days of camping outdoors again. There’s something about the great outdoors: the fresh air and the smell of the forest that is almost primal that you can’t replicate in modern suburbia.

stanbuy1The most vivid aromas that bought it all home was campfire cooking and the smell of fresh percolated coffee just wafting in the breeze.

In fact if my memory holds true, the first time I ever drank coffee was on a camping trip with my father.

I had an ancient steel percolator that had sat in my garden shed for thirty years. It had a welded seam and seemed sturdy enough for my first trip away.

Unfortunately, corrosion in the seam meant that my percolator sprung a serious leak before it had fully heated on the fire and I was reduced to sifting coffee grounds from a saucepan to my mug for a truly gritty cup of Joe.

So to replicate my boyhood experience to the fullest, I decided to look for a decent percolator for travelling needs. There were several very expensive models, a few cheap ones consisting mostly of aluminium (I really wanted steel), and then I found a middle of the road option via the Stansport Black Granite 12 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot.

Why I chose the Stansport Black Granite 12 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot

My primary reason for buying the Stansport was that it was seamless. No welds to spring a leak as it get older.

When it arrived, I was surprised by the weight. It barely weighed anything out of the box. The steel is thin and the lid just seemed to set on top (ours actually just needed a quick tap and it was fine for perking).

But the handle is very secure and made of wood for easy and quick removal from a camp fire or RV stove. That was worth the price alone.

I liked the black enamel, non-stick finish. A lot of enamel ware flakes with us but we have yet to experience this with the Stansport.

The perked coffee isn’t as good as our home stuff, but it’s a travel pot and the whole point behind camping is the rustic lifestyle not home comforts.

We make sure the basket lined with a damp paper towel or filter before adding our grounds.

They still tend to settle in the bottom of the pot, after floating up to sneak into the first cup, but that’s remedied easily enough by filtering the coffee into the cups. Sure it’s an extra step, but it helps.

What are the Cons?

The main problem we had was with the top plastic bubble. On a camp fire, that sucker can get hot.

There have been reports of the tops melting but we haven’t experienced that yet.

But then again I monitor the heat of my brew a little more than most.

Customers that did experience meltdowns had to replace the top with a glass bubble, but all reports suggest that they worked fine after that.

I even ordered a glass top from Amazon in case of meltdown. But it’s been going strong for a couple years now, so I doubt I’ll need it after all. Still, better to be prepared.


If you need a decent travel percolator, this is a fair mid-priced model.

It’s great to just toss in the trunk or RV to avoid coffee shop prices. Just expect to struggle with grounds a little and consider getting a glass top.

For this reason we give the Stansport Black Granite 12 Cup Percolator Coffee Pot a solid 4 out of 5 rating


4 / 5 stars     

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