One All PK008 8-Cup Stovetop Glass Percolator Review

There is nothing like real, percolated coffee; the richness, the color, the strength. And at its current price point, the One All PK008 is a real steal.

The style is similar to older model stovetop percolators, so it’s a nice retro addition to any kitchen without going too far.

It only weighs two pounds and comes with a cute metal disc to heat up on a coil burner stove top, so be sure to take that out of the pot before brewing. It shouldn’t affect the brewing cycle, but it might cause some extra heat to build inside. It won’t affect the coffee taste or odor, though.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh percolated coffee wafting through the house. It’s honestly one of the few things that will get my wife out of bed without a struggle on the weekends.


Why We Like This Percolator Coffee Pot

The unit itself is made of borosilicate glass, which contains boric oxide to make it incredibly strong and heat resistant. So, even though the glass seems very thin and sometimes creaks, it gives no sign of cracking or breaking.

It’s tough like regular Pyrex, though remarkably thinner. So, as long as it’s not introduced to sudden temperature changes or dropped, it should remain intact. Even with the high stove top temperatures, the plastic handle stays cool to the touch.

It allows you to brew a maximum of 8 cups, which is a nice change from drip machines…no unnecessary waste.

And it’s easy to clean once it cools completely. You can either hand wash it or put it directly into the dishwasher; although we always do the former.

This unit is perfect for making coffee during power outages, taking on vacation or even camping. Oh, and it makes great tea and other hot beverages, too.

What Are The Cons?

As much as we enjoy the basic practicality and ease of this percolator, there are a few things that could make it better. The lid is plastic, and if it gets too hot it tends to warp.

It’s best to fix the issue before the plastic cools back down, but if it doesn’t fit exactly, it can make the coffee taste bitter or metallic due to the extra air that seeps in.

An easy fix is to adjust the amount of grounds used, but that can take some doing and it’s an annoying tick when you’re jonesing for your morning caffeine fix. The mesh holes of the basket are surprisingly large compared to what we’ve been used to. Incorporating properly fitting filters ensures that grinds don’t swirl into the coffee.

pk008by2Our first two attempts at finding the perfect filter took a couple test runs. Now we just buy cheap, unbleached medium drip filters and pole a hole in the middle. It works on our end and it’s cheaper than name brand wrap perk filters.

The coffee basket of the One All is plastic instead of metal. That took some getting used to as well.

I left it by accident on the stove too long the second time we used it and the smell of burning plastic alerted us to my faux pas. Fortunately, it remained intact, which proved this sucker is tougher than it looks. But it still would have been better if the basket was metal.

Of course, then the extra heat might have broken the glass. Still, you can’t have everything.

How We Rated The One All PK008 8-Cup Stovetop Glass Percolator

With that said, this is an incredibly inexpensive stove top percolator that produces a tasty brew consistently. If you’re new to the percolated coffee experience then I would suggest that this is the perfect starter model for you

Overall, we enjoy it. It’s inexpensive, small, light, and easy enough to use regularly. It’s travel friendly, and if you don’t make the stupid mistakes I did, you’ll probably enjoy it for a good long time. Ours is still going strong, which says something.

For these reasons we give it a solid 4 out of 5 for its price, versatility, and style. It is also why we include it in our #1 Percolator selections.

4 / 5 stars     

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