How to Use a Percolator on the Stove

Are you an old school coffee drinker? Then it pays to know how to use a percolator on a stove.

Although they are old-fashioned, percolators are what were used to deliver our much-loved coffee to the table before the innovation of electric cookers.

Although the stovetop percolator is a little out of date it produces some of the best tasting coffee out there – certainly on a par (usually better) with anything the modern machine might make.

The main advantage of using a stovetop percolator is that they are very cheap and if used properly, will produce a tastier coffee than you get almost anywhere else.


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Getting started

Before you start using the percolator, it is important to ensure that you get a quality source of coarsely ground coffee beans. Burr ground beans are the best and you can source these easily from most quality cafes and specialist roasters.

Personally I usually choose burr ground beans but quality blade ground beans are equally good to use.

If you haven’t used your percolator in quite a while, it is probably best to ensure it is cleaned before use.


Step 1

Take your percolator and fill the coffee pot with clean water for the number of cups of coffee you want to brew. Ensure that the pot is not overfilled since it might boil over or seep out. Make sure that the water is below the safety valve.

Step 2

Place the coffee holder into the base of the pot, and then fill it with coarse coffee grinds of your choice. Use a spoon rather than pouring so as to avoid any mess.

Step 3

Once you have filled the coffee holder close to the brim or as per the quantity of coffee you prefer to use, smoothly level it off. It is advised not to overfill or compress the coffee since it will struggle to go through the coffee grind.

Step 4

After filling the coffee holder, it is time to screw the top of the pot onto the base. Ensure it is done tightly and properly. Double check that the basket, lid and stem are placed correctly in their positions.

Step 5

Place your pot on the stove and let it heat for a while. Percolators work best on both gas and electric stoves.

Heat the water gently until gets to a near boil and pass through the coffee and up to the pot. The preferred temperature for optimum results is between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 6

The brewing should take 5-10 minutes before you turn off or reduce the heat. The water will be forced up the tube and you will notice the liquid darkening over time if you have a see-through percolator. Then remove the filter and the used coffee grinds.

Pour your brown gold and revel in the flavor .

Quaker Anne goes into greater detail in the video below:

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