How to Avoid Coffee Jitters

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world today. It’s been that way for over 400 years.

People cannot get enough of it. Just look at any Starbucks at any given lunchtime.

Some people suffer from coffee jitters as their bodies try to absorb the caffeine found in coffee. Being wired in this way can be a terrible nuisance if not handled correctly.

At times, excessive jitters might make you think of giving up coffee altogether (not this writer).

You can use a number of useful tips to get rid of coffee jitters if you want to avoid this kind of extreme abstinence.

Here are some things you might like to try to avoid getting antsy from excessive coffee.

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Eat Healthy Foods

Try eating healthy foods that balance the electrolytes in your body. Caffeine causes an imbalance in electrolytes which contributes to the experience of coffee jitters.

Eating fruits such as bananas help you maintain this balance because bananas are rich in potassium and calcium among other minerals.

Many people are potassium deficient.

You should also eat a snack or two while drinking coffee. Snacks help you when it comes to breaking down caffeine in your stomach. Try a little toast with almond butter with your morning brew.

Exercise Your Body and Drink More Water

Your body gets rids of waste in very distinct ways that include sweating.

Exercise allows your body to get rid of excessive caffeine in your system. It does this by stimulating your body and causing it to remove caffeine at a much faster rate than it would have done without exercising.

This means that the negative effects of excess caffeine will be short-lived because of physical exertion.

Drinking water is also important as it dilutes the caffeine that is in your body.

This means that the caffeine present in your body will have less effect on you and as such, your level of coffee jitters will reduce substantially.

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Evaluate Your Drinks

Caffeine is present in coffee but it is also present in chocolates, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. You may be taking in more caffeine than you think if you have not evaluated your drinks.

Look at the details on these drinks to find out their caffeine content. Avoid these drinks if you find too much caffeine content in them.

Another good way to avoid coffee jitters is to substitute a herbal tea with some of your daily coffee fixes.

Most herbal teas do not contain any caffeine, they improve the function of your digestive system and they have therapeutic qualities.

The benefits of herbal tea help you to cancel out the negative effects of coffee jitters.

To Sum it up it’s a Lifestyle Thing

Many of us live a passive lifestyle i.e. we rarely exercise or engage in any physical activity.

Let’s face it: we would rather work at our desks or watch television the whole day.

Coffee keeps you awake but it cannot be an effective substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

If you get the jitters, you need to get out more, take part in activities that are more physical. These activities keep your body healthy and as such, your coffee jitters reduce.

You should also reconsider your daily intake of coffee. Some people have five to ten cups of coffee each day, which can be quite addictive.

Do not overdo it, a reasonable intake of coffee each day is all you need.

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