Farberware FCP240 Stainless Percolator Review

The Farberware FCP240 Stainless Percolator is an adorable, tiny machine that works wonders for brewing great tasting coffee.

If you’re familiar at all with the brand name, you already know it stands for quality. But you might be unaware of how that translates to perked coffee.

1601489I’m a big perked coffee buff. We have two other machines at home; one daily and a travel pot. But I’m considering getting this one now, too.

Why? Because it makes great coffee for smaller purposes.

The Positives

The features are pretty impressive for such a small device. It brews coffee within 5 minutes or so.

The auto temp switch keeps it warm as you multitask or leave the room.

The unit itself is heavy grade steel, but the plastic handle and cover knob is heat resistant.

The cord is short, but it’s long enough to set on a counter without having to hold it up or place it on a box.

It runs at 1000 watts and makes 2-4 cups of coffee, which actually turns out to be 1-2 decent sized coffee mugs.

While that’s not enough for a group or even a lazy Sunday, it’s plenty for nights when you have to stay a couple extra hours at the office.

The Negatives

Now, a few concerns: the pot is quite heavy for its size and can be awkward to clean.

The lid is hard to remove until it fully cools down, and that can take a while. The handle is great, but be sure not to touch the metal because it gets incredibly hot.

The spout is pretty high, so the basket needs to be removed before pouring the coffee. Otherwise, grounds can mix in with the brew.

When I lifted the pot off of the counter, I noticed a ring of coffee beneath where it sat. The heavy plastic base does seem to pull apart at the seams on our test machine.

It’s doesn’t gush or make an uncontrollable mess. It’s just a noticeable ring. The coffee’s always been drained before more can manage to gather beneath the device.

I’ve tested the Farberware FCP240 Stainless Percolator three times and it’s produced extremely hot coffee each time.

m7EGYz-Y3Z0705Frv-LeKZQDrip machines are notorious for not keeping coffee hot enough. While percolators by nature don’t have that issue, you’d think by the size of this unit it might not be as hot as a larger model.

Trust me on this, you’ll burn your mouth if you don’t let it cool down for a good ten minutes before taking your first drink.

That’s not really a problem once you get used to the idea of having to wait a few extra minutes. The end result is always the same: great tasting coffee.


Overall, I really like the ease of making a cup or two of coffee in a short period of time.

It may not fit easily into a busy home atmosphere, but it works well for short periods of overtime in smaller applications.

I’m going to pay attention to how long that base lasts, though. If it stops pooling on the counter or I figure out how to fix it, I might go ahead and order one for my single sibling.

He’s always hinting about wanting a single serve machine and the Farberware FCP240 Stainless Percolator is so much cheaper than a fancy Tassimo.

That said, it is a similar price to our recommended Hamilton Beach model which makes more coffee.

For this reason we give the Farberware FCP240 Stainless Percolator a 3.5 rating verging on a 4. This is solely for the reason that it is limited by the 2-4 cups it makes per serve.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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