Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator Review

A few percolators in the marketplace now bridge the gap between the stovetop and the campfire in terms of style and function.

The Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator is one of them.

How is it made up?

For the listed price, one might think the Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator is made of aluminium or a cheaper alloy. Thankfully it’s not since aluminium causes all sorts of health risks, including Alzheimer’s.

coleman1At least Coleman got that right when they used heavy grade steel as the primary material. When I say heavy, I mean heavy.

The pot is larger than it looks on the box or website. It claims it holds up to 12 cups, but it really makes around 14 cups if you fill it.

We love stove top percolated coffee and this works well in the home or on vacation. We tested this specific model at a local camping show.

How did it test out?

The giant pot (well, it’s pretty much as big as a regular drip pot) sat on a camp grill and the woman operating it gave free samples, so we got in line for our share.

First thing we noticed is the unit is completely metal. There is no safety handle or cool touch extras. That could be a potential hazard if you’re a doofus and reach quickly for the pot.

But if you remember to bring an oven mitt or towel, it should be fine. Just don’t let the kids near it or your relaxing vacation may turn into a weekend at the hospital.

The pot is well designed and has seams as opposed to being molded from one part, but the die cast parts fit together securely.

The display lid fit well on top without sticking or sliding. And the top knob is glass, NOT plastic. That’s a major design bonus…or so we thought.

Turns out it might not be after all. Note: Coleman instructions clearly state NOT to tighten the glass knob too much.

The woman didn’t read the instructions. And during the perk cycle, the glass knob cracked. The coffee we tasted was dark, rich, and satisfying. There were no problems with glass shards as the knob just cracked.

And we checked her progress with her follow up pot later in the day. Turned out she had no problems whatsoever when she adjusted the second pot’s knob grip.

Requesting replacement parts aren’t usually a major issue since they’re either usually covered in the warranty or inexpensive enough out of pocket.

Well, if they’re stocked in the factory.

Turns out Coleman doesn’t actually stock the glass knob anymore. And since that’s the main problem with this unit – broken top glass knobs – it can be a total waste of money.

ONECOLThe pot is made for a large capacity.

The brew base doesn’t grip, it just slides around free inside the pot. It does, however, hold when the proper amount of water is added.

In other words, if you make a small amount of coffee, you’ll likely a get weak or grainy drink. But if you use it for its intended purpose and fill the sucker with water, it should be fine.

This is made in China instead of America.

I always thought Coleman was an American company, so this was surprising.

Just know upfront that it may not last forever, especially if Coleman continues to refuse to stock the necessary replacement parts.

What did we think?

The Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator does what it advertises it does.

The lack of replacement knobs is a concern but a generic replacement knob should see you around this problem. Better still just don’t overtighten it and it will never break!

But for the price point, if you’re careful and use it for its intended purpose – which is large capacity coffee service for a camp crowd, it works.

For this reason we give the Coleman 12 Cup Coffee Percolator a solid 3.5 stars

3.5 / 5 stars     

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