Aroma Stainless Steel 40-Cup Coffee Urn Review

When considering a home based coffee urn, you might pass up the Aroma Stainless Steel 40-Cup Coffee Urn for a fancier model in its price range.

But that could be a mistake, especially if you don’t want to be waiting on coffee all  day.

My sister and I saw this on display at a bridal fair last month, and she immediately put it on her gift registry since she’s the impending bride. It wasn’t as large or fancy as some others, but the specs were enough for her needs.


aroma1It boasts a 40-cup capacity instead of the 30-60 cups of other models

It’s really light but made completely of brushed stainless steel, inside and out. I thought the unit was aluminum but the sales lady quickly corrected me.

Apparently it is steel. We’ll see.

Hint: Aluminum turns black when it’s heated regularly.

The machine is double walled, so coffee heats up easily and stays hot.

The entire urn – 40 cups – brews in half an hour. This is important since she’s marrying into a big family and will probably be expected to entertain.

Water indicator is supposed to show how much coffee is in the unit at any given time’

It comes with a cool little cup stand so I guess you don’t have to hold your cup in place or something. Apparently that’s an issue for the upper crust.

Power and ready lights let you know when it’s on and when the brew cycle is finished.

Now, here’s where the problems came in:

The most entertaining part of the urn demonstration occurred when the woman served coffee from this urn and the spigot broke off in her hand. After muttering what I swore sounded like “not again”, she got it back on with a smile.

But she struggled when pouring the last of the coffee. My sister marched up to help her and had no problems whatsoever. She said it was light and easy to pour, but the handle did feel weak.

She still wanted it on her registry regardless of my reminders that issues could happen on her end too. Nope. She wanted it, so there was no debate. It’s currently wrapped and waiting in my closet.

Yes, I got it for her (well, not the demo model) because that’s what a good brother does. At least the gift part of my wedding day requirement is done.

A few concerns to note:

Aroma-Stainless-Steel-40-cup-Coffee-Urn-MLA12380001The machine actually looks more like a contemporary pedal operated trash can than a coffee urn to me, so it’s not something I’d want for my kitchen. But it all depends on your taste. My sister likes the ultra-modern stuff.

The water indicator actually ends about halfway down the machine, so I’m not sure how you’ll know when it needs brewing again.

The warranty is pretty standard but still laughable: 1 year limited. This probably covers the motor for the year and perhaps parts for 1-3 months.

The warranty is inside the box and since that’s wrapped, I’m not opening it to check it out.

However, the price is great for the size and type of appliance.

Overall, if this works out for her and gives her no problems, great. I’ll shout praises from her rooftop. Well, from her balcony anyway.

If I get on her roof, she’ll hide the ladder and threaten to leave me there to rot. But if this does give her problems down the road, at least it’s priced low enough to be replaced relatively easily.


I personally don’t like the style of this urn and if you have read the review above there are some function issues.

That said, it makes a reasonable cup of coffee and it comes at a reasonable price. For this we will give it a three star rating

3 / 5 stars     

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