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Can you imagine a world without coffee? 

For most coffee lovers, the thought can bring a tear to the eyes. The idea that we can grab our favorite drink anytime of the day, either self-brewed, offered by a loved one on a lazy morning, or snatched out of a barista’s trembling hands makes life bearable. But the origins of our brewed decadence may surprise you.


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The Birth of the Percolator

The original coffee percolator was invented by a British scientist and soldier in the late 1700’s. But his system failed to brew the coffee in a continuous cycle.

The first patent for a percolating coffee system was issued in 1865, but it perked downward, still leaving grinds in the water.

It wasn’t until 1889 that an Illinois man patented the known device in North America that would finally help make a cup of coffee that would be free of sediment. Hanson Goodrich was a Midwestern farmer and photographer with a dream.

His device worked creating a strong and bitter version of our typical modernized fare.

Comparing Brewing Methods
Fresh coffee awakens the senses unlike anything else. Drip perking is the most common type of brewing form, as almost everyone has access to an electric coffee maker either at home or work. But some people are loyal to French press, while others still swear that true percolated coffee is the best option.

While all three brewing techniques offer benefits of their own, French press still often leaves sediment inside the carafe. Electric drip models offer fast and often automated service. However, machines can be pricey, the strength can’t easily be adjusted per individual and quite often it the liquid just isn’t hot enough.


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Where Percolating Reigns Supreme

Percolating takes care of those issues. Because of the continual soaking of the beans, you can end up with a strong and bitter end result if you’re not familiar with the device. But you can also learn to adjust the strength to your tastes.

Electric or stove top percolating time is significant if you’re in a hurry, which is why this form of brewing is a leisurely task. And because of the extended time, you get the full taste of the coffee, as opposed to the weaker taste supplied by drip machines.

Percolators can add an attractive focal point to any room and be transported easily. They make a perfect addition to the vacation home, hotel room, or campsite. All you need is a flame or outlet and you’re good to go.

Mission Statement

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